End of Line
We didn't make the car, we made the machine that certifies it. Our End of Line equipment is easy to maintain and built to withstand the test of time.

Non-contact wheel alignment

Our multi-line laser system is built to handle even the most exotic tire shapes. With temperature calibration and stray and ambient light filters, you can be sure of its accuracy. Its modular design makes it capable of adapting to a wide range of tire and vehicle sizes, and it can read wheel tilt, too, which eliminates the need of a camber camera. The ultimate in ease and flexibility, our system supports manual, semi-automatic, and full-automatic toe set adjustment.

Headlight Aiming and Calibration

Our headlight aiming system measures and evaluates a large range of different lights. It is able to use European, US, or Japanese setting standards, making our systems adaptable to whatever your needs are. Our intelligent machines can function both as a standalone or integrated into NCA systems. They feature manual or semiautomatic adjust. They also have the ability to talk to the vehicle over the vehicle com system.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Our systems support a large range of driver assistance systems. We give you unparalleled accuracy when calibrating or teaching all remote sensors. Our smart technology can be used standalone or integrated into NCA systems.

Roll brake / Dynamic vehicle testing

In any environment, production or testing, the equipment used is the key component to ensuring value and maintaining the highest quality possible in your products. BEP has a number of Roll Brake solutions pre-engineered to help your process achieve maximum efficiency and quality, and if one of our existing products doesn’t meet your needs, our staff of highly skilled engineers will be able to work with you to design and build a system that meets your exact needs.

Suspension assembly and alignment

Designed to align the axle before being installed into the vehicle, our systems operate manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatic. They are able to set caster, camber, and toe, and since our machines process from above or below, they are adaptable to different plant configurations.

Tire and Wheel Assembly

Our machines offer all the customization required for seamless integration into your process. All machines come with our patented robotic mounters and air over hydraulic inflators that maintain tire pressures to tight tolerances. With tire pressure monitor support (TPM), you can assure your tires are always perfectly inflated. We also support stemmers, soapers, and loaders, and with our bead seat/load simulation, balancing, and uniform testers, our smart machines can accommodate any need.